Edinburgh Airport Fire Training Center


Edinburgh Airport Fire Training Centre's facilities are second to none, complimented by a team of Instructional staff who are professionally accredited to deliver training to highest possible standard.

777 Simulator

Our main fire ground at Edinburgh comprises of a simulated 777 aircraft rig, designed to allow a range of 13 differing fire scenarios ranging from a nose wheel fire, full scale properties of a B757 Engine fire to a large scale running fuel fire. Internally the aircraft is designed to represent three differing floor level elements. Level floor, floor angled at 30 degrees and the rear section has a broken floor rising upwards.

The B777 Simulator incorporates which houses 12 external fires are LPG fired and one kerosene scenario assists with the large running fuel fire. An access panel on the nose allows for small carbonaceous fire simulating an avionics compartment incident. A large area at the rear allows for large carbonaceous burning also within the B777 simulator.

Compartment Fire Behaviour Facility

Our newest facility is a purpose built Compartment Fire Behaviour Training Facility comprising of Demonstration, Attack, Window and Link units giving a multi scenario training facility creating opportunities that not only provides the most realistic live fire training, but also enables us to deliver the training aims and objectives to be able to deal with flashovers and backdraughts in safe, yet realistic environments.

Recent experience of these phenomena emphasises the importance of personnel being able to perform their role safely and effectively. In particular, it is essential that personnel receive the training to ensure that they are competent to:

  • Understand the burning characteristics, development and behaviour of compartment fires.
  • Recognise and assess the risks involved when dealing with compartment fires.
  • Implement control measures to protect themselves from the effects of fire.
  • Control and extinguish fires.

The location of this training ground is at our other fire training ground at the North East Cargo Apron of the airport We are currently in the process of expanding this facility to include further classrooms and welfare facilities.

While most of our courses are primarily practical, we do have a fantastic classroom within the Fire Station where all our theoretical and classroom based courses are held. The room is equipped with a multimedia projector, screen, DVD player and refreshments.

Compartment Fire Training Facility

The Compartment Fire Training Facility (CFTU) is designed to replicate the internal layout of any modern aircraft. It incorporates the following scenarios:

  • Rollover/Flashover simulation
  • Seat Pan fire
  • Toilet (enclosed) fire
  • Galley fires (upper & lower ovens)
  • Simulated smoke machine

The second half of the CFTU is designed for a large carbonaceous type fire to assist with heat and humidity training.

We also have a ladder tower located in the fireground for domestic fire training and ladder handling.

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